Call for Translations: The Old English Homilarium

Call for Translations The Old English Homilarium is an open-source archive of new, fresh, modern English* translations of the corpus of homilies in Old English**. The translations of Benjamin Thorpe are now quite old (published in 1846), and there have few efforts to render large numbers of homilies to bring these texts alive to new … Continue reading Call for Translations: The Old English Homilarium

Blickling V all done

I forgot to update the progress on BH for a few days, but here it is, Homily V all finished. I am making a decision to rely on gender neutral language when the author seems to be clearly designating a collective “he” or a group of people. So there are a lot of singular neuter … Continue reading Blickling V all done

Blickling 4 now done

The fourth homily in the Blickling cycle is now complete. Everything you ever wanted to know about tithing. I’ll be starting #5 very soon.

Finally back to it

I just started the fourth of the Blickling Homilies, returning to this page after many long delays. It feels really good to be translating again, so let’s continue this daily practice for the foreseeable future. Many new and exciting things are due to go down in these parts. I’ll keep you posted as they evolve. … Continue reading Finally back to it

Long overdue update

Here you go — back to it. The third in the series of the Blickling Homilies has been finally posted to its page. Maybe after the fourth or fifth in the series, I’ll try to update to the structure so that it reflects how this will look once it really gets going.

Some delays…

So the volumes I was using as my source text for the Blickling Homilies (Morris’s old edition & Richard Kelly’s 2003 edition) both came due at the same time, and then there was a snafu with my borrowing privileges. So I’ve been delayed getting back to the translations. Have Ælfric first series on my desk … Continue reading Some delays…